Main characteristics of the CNC for cutting, drilling and tapping

Easy accessibility. Maximal flexibility. Compact and safe.
Fast and reliable with high precision mechanical parts.
Translational movements occur with pads sliding on high
precision linear guides. Possibility to fit tiltable multispindle
units to perform holes, counterbores and tapping. Optimization with automatic positioning of the units. Programming by touch screen display. Monitoring of the cycles by Ethernet. Cutting unit speed adjustable by inverter.
Vertical and horizontal clamps pressure adjustment.
Programmable bar trim system adjustable.
Exhauster connection. Brushless motor for feeding the profile operating on a rack bar with tilted teeth. All tools of the motorized units are lubricated with microdrop system.


Max blade diameter 500 mm

Blade motor threephase 2,2Kw

Max profile width 150 mm

Max profile height 150 mm

Max stroke profile feeder  400mm

Min. cutting length for sawing 10mm

Air consumption approx. 50-150 Nl/min

Tilting angle powered units  0°-15°

Max speed profile feeder  30mt/min

Tolerance feeder movement   +- 0,1mm

Cut tolerance  +-0,3mm