Automatic sawing machine with automatic feeding for cutting at 90°. Equipped with automatic feeding system fitted with Brushless moter driven by numerical control “touch
screen”. Bar-end detection device. Clamping of the bar by “bridge” system. Possibility to load and save cutting lists in CSV format with USB and ETHERNET connectivity. Spray mist lubrication (Venturi). Threephase motor 2,2KW.


Automatic X Axis blade retraction to eliminate back cuts

System for housing TCT Saw Blade Ø 550 mm

Microdrop lubrication

Infeeding table with rollers length 3 mts

Infeeding table with rollers length 6 mts

Motor 3,7 KW

Motor 5,5 KW

TCT Saw Blade Ø500mm

TCT Saw Blade Ø550mm